Pray It Foward, Pay It Foward

I was working on the 14th of December at my desk, after receiving so many calls and text of friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday, I was amazed by the love I have from people across the globe.

After praying and asking God, what can I do to celebrate my birthday in a manner that can honor God? God asked me, what is your passion? What do you want to do in life?

The answers were clear, ” I want people to be able to get proper treatment, good medication, and be happy and joyful.

And from there, God told me to #PayItFoward and #PrayItFoward. I then head and post this on my Facebook, in French, that I am willing to pay hospital bills for one or two people stuck in the hospital due to hospital bills to celebrate my birthday.

I Was only planning one or two people, but in less than 20 min got 4, and by the 16th of December, I got over 10; after inquiring in the hospital, the list was over 100 people stuck in hospitals due to finance.

I decided to pay for 5 people with the minimum I had, leaving me with nothing in my account, but to Glorify the goodness and mercy of our Amazing God.

I didn’t want to post this, but after seeing this need, I thought to share this. We need to help others when God blesses us. I call upon people When you celebrate your birthday Help one person in need, no matter how small it is I believe God can make it better and provide ways, If you knew my salary you can just be amazed, but I have come to see the power of giving and what comes after it.

We can contribute to spreading God’s love and joy to others with the small that we have. God has blessed me abundantly, and so many people have blessed me, and God told me to #PayItFoward and #PrayItFoward.

Happy Birthday to me, and Thank You to my mother, who has always been an inspiration for me to venture into healthcare; it’s through what she went through that my passion for fighting fake medicine came from and my passion for working and supporting healthcare IT, though am not yet working in this field I do hope that one day I will make it there. Thank You, mom, for being a motivation, and all this is because you sacrificed a lot and underwent the pain on the 14th if December to deliver me. once again, Thank you

Pray it forward and pay It forward