Alcohol vs Christians

This is my reflection on the matter. Please have your Bible and open up these verses for a better understanding.

For years, Christians have debated the subject of Christians drinking alcohol, bad or good?.

To be honest and to be very clear, there isn’t a single verse in the Bible that says a Christian cannot have a drink.

Although the Bible clearly warns about the destructive and addictive nature of alcohol (Proverbs 20:1; 21:17; 23:29-35; Ephesians 5:18) and is very clear that drunkenness is always wrong (Romans 13:13; Galatians 5:19-21; 1 Peter 4:3; Habakkuk 2:15; 1 Corinthians 5:11).

The Bible is also clear that mature Christians should avoid causing others to stumble by drinking (Romans 14:21), and that leaders ought to avoid drinking alcohol (Proverbs 31:4-7) and cannot be given to drunkenness (1 Timothy 3:3, 8Titus 1:7).

In my opinion, as Rusaka, based on these scriptures that God is warning us from drinking alcohol, I can come to a conclusion and that Christians should not drink alcohol.

With the Holy Spirit in us, we are called to be wise, but, drinking wine, we are led astray to not being wise. We are Christians, We want to go to HEAVEN, to the KINGDOM of God.

what is a kingdom? A kingdom is a state ruled by King, and our King is GOD and as through his words in Proverbs,” it is not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer “the answer becomes simpler, if our ruler and our King cannot drink wine, are we his follower to do the opposite?

The answer is, we should follow God. Meaning drinking is not good for people in the Kingdom of heaven.

Leave a comment and let’s talk.

Emmanuel Rusaka


Salvation to Jesus Christ

Being a Christian and a true follower of Jesus Christ means giving up some, if not all, of your privileges.

People should be able to tell the difference between you and a pagan by obvious things like:

1. Your appearance,
2. Your clothing,
3. Your conduct,
4. Your body (How you treat it).

The purpose of God’s word is to transform you to a new person, 2nd Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” and it’s time to follow Him, follow his behaviors, actions, and ways.

It’s unfortunate that one will call himself a Christian and saved yet drinks alcohol nonstop, smokes nonstop, does things like the past, and does not transform from the old to the new.

Let’s not lie to ourselves; if you say that you are ‘saved’ but still live your old life and zero change, friend, you haven’t encountered the REAL SALVATION.

If you are a newly converted Christian (less than a year), keep pushing hard in letting go of some of those habits; if you are past 1 year, still in the old, friend, stop lying to yourself and seek help in prayer from your Christians friends, your local pastor and your church community. Paul’s transformation when he encountered christ was instant; he didn’t wait for the Holy Spirit, he took the decision to make a u-turn in his life; you have to make a decision as well of stopping and making that U-turn.

File:Saudi Arabia - Road Sign - U-turn.svg - Wikipedia

Also, it’s unfortunate to see some Christians lives being like that of a pagan who knows nothing about the word of God, you see marks on their bodies, you can’t tell anymore what is a woman’s behavior and men’s behavior, wondering what are we going to tell our children. You should do not do things to your body that a nonbeliever finds okay. To us, it’s not okay. Make a U-turn now.

Friends 2nd Corinthian 5:17 reminds us that “ This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”. “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.” Romans 12:2

Living Bulwark

We may know God, His word, be able to teach it, BUT LIVING. IT is what will determine your salvation and that you are a true follower of Jesus Christ. Living God’s word from Genesis to Revelation without any excuses that this passage was meant for them and not me. All scriptures should be interpreted on how they affect us today.

To be saved means FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST, Having true salvation where you are different, or becoming different from that person who does not know anything about Christ.

The salvation experience is an intensely spiritual encounter. Because we are spirit, our lives are transformed from the very core. The Spirit of God does a transformation that isn’t visible to the human eye. The change is instantaneous, and heaven rejoices that we have come home. Luke 15:7.

FOLLOW JESUS | Follow jesus, Christ, God loves me

It’s time now to make the decision to truly follow Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and savior.

God bless you.

Let’s Pray For the Next 30 days.

Jesus is In Control.

As the world is facing a common tragedy and when everything is locked down for at least the next 30 days.

And since most churches are closed, jobs are moved remotely, in some countries, walking freely is restricted, gyms and restaurants closed, etc. 

And when everyone is worried and afraid.

We as Christian, this is the time to turn our eyes to the Lord and call upon His name.

send your prayer request at

Image result for join hand in prayers

The word of the Lord reminds us in 2nd Chronicles 7:13-14 that..

13 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Join me daily for the next 30 days, for about 15 min of prayers. It can be from your phone, computers, alone, or with your family. 

Just Join | No presentation | No Preaching | Just Praying| Praying to God

Meeting ID: 604 909 069

On day 30 we fasted and prayed for God’s Kingdom to reign .

Watch the full Last day of prayer By clicking here

26th of January 2020. A day to remember

Sunday, January 26th, 2020, what a day 😥

History was marked everywhere in the world today.

1. In Europe, on this day, Manchester United won 6-0, the highest goals scored since the 90s

2. On the same game, Jones scored, Maguire sealed his first goal for man United, Lingard scored and named Man of the Match

3. In Italy, Christiano Ronaldo and Juventus lost to Napoli

4. In China, Coronavirus heat 80 deaths, on the same day a case in Lakewood Colorado was confirmed.

5. In Kenya, Miguna Miguna took over Raila Odinga’s popularity in media. An exiled politician  kicked out comunicado from his country 

6. In DRCongo, dissolving the parliament and Balkanization talks are the top breaking news on media 

7. In Burundi, Evariste NDAYISHIMIYE was named presidential candidate, Nkrunzinza ending his 15 years reign In power

8.In America, a famous basketballer  Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a plane crash, reminding us how short our lives are..

And many more around the world

On the same day, I am writing this.

What does this event teach us? What decisions do you take daily? Who are you putting your trust and faith too?

Today I preached on King Saul’s life; King Saul was the 1st king of Israel, chosen by God, but later killed himself. 1st Samuel 31: 4, …So Saul took his sword and fell on it … why? 1 Chron. 10:13  Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord; he did not keep the word of the Lord and even consulted a medium for guidance, and did not inquire of the Lord.

These events remind me of one thing, we are the chosen generation. Indeed God has chosen us, but when we are unfaithful to Him (our creator), not follow his commands, and not seek guidance from him, then the world will reject us. We will feel lonely, without purpose, and the last thing will be: let me kill myself; this can be in different forms, through suicide, addiction, etc..

To whom do you put your trust in? Which commands do you follow?

God bless you as you reflect on this day January 26th, 2020

United Nations has got work to do

Yesssss, I visited the United Nations Headquarter in New York.

It was my first time in New York, I went there by myself, did not know anyone and did not know how the train system works (“subways”), I never heard of this before. It was quite an experience and interesting trip.

I left Philadelphia to new york at  6 am to be there at least by 9 am so I can have enough time visiting the city and exploring places like the statue Liberty where Therese Okoumou made history on 4th of July 2018, also places like the Brooklyn bridge, central park, the famous time square, etc but my mission and goal was to visit the United Nations HQ, try at least to see by myself where some of the leaders will come and lie publicly about the progress they are doing in their nations, of how they are planning to organize elections that year, how they are planning to respect human rights, how they are planning to handle immigrants and refugees, etc but as well where some of the leaders really show passion and compassion for humanity, most of these leaders are not president but figures in their countries and who are contributing a lot to make this world a truly united nation, like the likes of Dr Mukwge, Recent Nobel peace prize winner 2018

leaders like the late Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-Moon, Mandela Madiba, etc

The aim of this post is to show what the United Nations should do in order to make this world a better place in my point of view.

My first entrance at the united nation HQ, what impressed me was this Knotted Gun, which is a pro-peace sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswrd, designed in late 1980 and inspired by the shooting death of his pal, John Lennon. It was given to the UN by the government of Luxembourg in 1988. 

And to me, this clicked into my mind of the world that we should really want to live, a world that we will live in peace and Rest in peace, not a world that we will only Rest in peace after living a cruel life, a life of war, disaster, hunger, massacre, rape, children into military, etc.

Thank you, Carl, for this gift that opened my mind to that kind of life I may want for my children and grandchildren.

This is what I call upon all the planet leaders to embrace, a world where we will LIVE as one, possibly even without borders, without heavy firearms, without nuclear, but a life as United, the question is can we have this world?, the answer to me is yes, if we do want to.

After my entrance, I then went into this promised land. and our tour guide was none other than SAM a very charismatic, smart,  knowledgeable woman, she was just patient with us and gave us the history of the United Nations the work they are doing and the steps the UN is trying to take forward. I use to think that I am smart, just to find out this smart young leader.

She toured us for almost 2 hours, and it was probably her last tour of the day, around 5 pm, although the long day she had, she was so patient with us, which is something I always appreciate in people, patience.

The United Nations has a lot to do, I was amazed to see the amount of daily spending the UN does per day in the military, this money adds up minute per minute, second per second, to give you an idea of what am saying watch this video,  for the password (comment below and I will provide you) . from

this video you will understand the amount of work that the Un need to do in order to lower down the cost of military spending worldwide and focus on more human needs. education, justice, etc, the money that is being spent in this military can eliminate  The number one Goal of SDG which is to End poverty in all its forms everywhere, in like 60 days if you add up the daily expenditure of this spending, it can totally eliminate poverty in this planet

My point of view is that if the UN could encourage a corporate world where we have truly a united nation, and at least value basic needs like education and Health, then SDGs could be a past thing by now, the money that is being spent in this military is crazy? and countries need to act and step up to end violence and conflict because this money is spent because of heavy conflicts ongoing,  and which makes the UN deploy peacekeepers, to whom which actually do not do much than monitoring and standing between as a referee. and some are in the mission of looting and stilling.  if we could leave as good neighbors and avoid conflicts, we could redirect this money to more crucial things and save this planet from things that we are facing now 

Tiken Jah Fakoly in his songs Plus Rien Ne M’Etonne   sums it us for us today, the UN should dig deep and see who are the causers allow me to say so of conflicts, and do really jail them because they are creating trouble and war which are causing refugees and social problems, also to make follow up of these organization that are creating weapons that are used, what if we didn’t have such kind of weapons and our solo weapon be living in harmony with everyone?? free market trade, visa-free? would we have terrorist or friends? would we have leaders who want to stay forever in power or leaders who want to train the next generation and retire at 45?.

The UN has a lot of work to do and they should it without prejudice, and we as young people are ready to walk this journey to really make a world a better place for us and the next generation.

In the 21st century, poverty wouldn’t be a talk of the media people should be speaking of where to keep all these resources we have.

United Nation, you have work to do and I recommend changing the direction and not bowing in front of them.

DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF YALI RLC?? Get the application instructions

Are you applying for YALI RLC (I will focus on the East Africa Center in Nairobi, Kenya)

sit and read this, it could help you through your application, As an Alumnus of cohort 11, I want every potential young Africans in the 14 east and central Africa to benefit what I have benefited, I feel happy when I share what I have gained so others could gain it too.


On the 20th of May 2017, I created a YALI RLC MENTORSHP  group,(click to join) that helps potential candidate in reviewing and walking with them through the YALI application from day 1, to interview to being admitted, not everyone but at least we help those we can, and I have hard over 60 people being admitted after our mentorship

So here are some instructions and tips based on what we have been discussing in the group.
We recommend printing these instructions to help you prepare your responses ahead of time and referring to them while completing the application.


Currently, the only method for applying to participate in the YALI EA RLC Program is via an online application. You will need access to a computer and the Internet to apply. Only those applicants who fully complete the online application will be considered. Applications and information submitted through email or other means will not be considered.
You do not have to finish your application in one session. You may save your work and return later to continuing working on your application as many times as necessary until completion. Please note the deadlines stipulated for your preferred cohort dates.
Answer all questions on the application in English. we get some candidates in DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi who want to apply in French, the training is done in English and hence we encourage participants to have some minimum English language proficiency,   you do not need a TOEFL or ITLS to take part, if you know the small, you are good, consider also that Spelling and grammar will be evaluated.
Questions that require a response are marked with an asterisk (*).

Questions that are not marked with an asterisk are OPTIONAL and do not have to be completed. (i.e your facebook Id)
All answers in the application including written responses to personal statements must be your own, original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and applicants found to have plagiarized will be disqualified.
You may wish to review the application and its questions before filling in the application.  I strongly recommend this, do not be in hurry, review, review your application,

Some applicants find it helpful to create their responses offline (in a separate Word document for example) and then cut and paste their responses into the appropriate sections of the application.

The application is comprised of seven (7) steps.

1. General Information
2. Education and Languages
3. Employment
4. Program Track and Cohort Selection
5. Personal Statements
6. Supplemental Questions
7. Submit


1. Provide your legal First/Given Name as it appears on your birth certificate, passport or national identification card.

2. Provide your Surname or Family name as it appears on your birth certificate, passport or national identification card.

3. Provide any other given names.

4. Please indicate your Gender: Male, Female or Non-conforming. The YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa does not discriminate on the basis of gender or gender identity.

5. Please provide your Date of Birth by selecting the year, month, and day on the pop up calendar or using the format (YYYY-MM-DD). Only applicants between the age of 18 and 35 at the time of the deadline for applications will be eligible. If you are selected as a semi-finalist, you will be required to provide documentation verifying your date of birth at the interview stage.
6. Please provide the name of the City/Town/Village where you were born.

7. Please provide the name of the Country where you were born. This could be different from your country of residence and/or country of citizenship.

8. Please provide your country of legal
Citizenship . You will be required to provide documentation verifying citizenship at the interview stage, if you are shortlisted.

9. If you are from any country other than Kenya, you will be asked if you have a Passport. This is to facilitate travel to the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa, which is based in Nairobi, if you are selected. If you do have a Passport, please fill in the number, country of issue, and date of expiration. (these are future dates that allow you to continue with the application but having in mind that if selected you will need a travel document to have a visa in Kenya) Optionally, you can upload a scan of your Passport. Please note that for all non-Kenyans, with the exception of Tanzanians and Ugandans, you are required to have a Passport in order to travel to Kenya. If you do not have a Passport, you will be required to obtain one at your own expense in time for you to participate in the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa program.
10. If you are Kenyan, you will be asked if you have a National ID. If you have a National ID, please fill in the number and date of expiration. Optionally, you can upload a scan of your National ID. Please note that Kenyans will be required to have a National ID in order to participate in the program. If you do not have a National ID, you will be required to obtain one at your own expense in time for you to participate in the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa program.

11. Residence – Please select the Country where you currently reside.

12. Please characterize the area where you currently live/work among the three provided categories: Urban, Peri-urban or Rural. Urban refers to a major city or town; Peri-urban refers to an area that is adjacent to or in the periphery/outskirts of an urban city or town (i.e between a rural and urban area); and Rural- refers to an upcountry or countryside area that is not urban.
Contact Information

13. Please provide an email address which you check regularly as this will be the primary mode of contacting you. Depending on how you logged into the site, your email address may automatically appear. Please double check that it is correct.

14. Please fill in your primary phone number. It is important that we are able to reach you in the case that you are short-listed for an interview.

15. Please fill in another phone number (if you have one) where we can reach you in case we cannot reach you on your primary phone number. This could be a parent, spouse, other family member, or work phone number.

16. Please fill in another email address (if you have one) where we can reach you in case we cannot reach you via your primary email address. This could be a personal or work email address.

17. Please fill in your P.O. Box number, if you have one. if not leave empty

18. Please fill in your City where your P.O. Box is located, if you have one.

19. Please fill in the Post Code of your P.O. Box, if you have one.

20. If you use Whatsapp, please check yes and indicate the phone number to which your account is associated. We may use Whatsapp to reach you if all other methods fail. Note that this is optional.

21. If you have a Twitter account, please check yes and indicate your Twitter handle. Note that this is optional.

22. If you have a Skype account, please check yes and indicate your Skype ID. Note that this is optional.

23. If you have a Facebook, please check yes and indicate your Facebook ID. Note that this is optional.


Please tell us about your educational background. Indicate your highest level of education completed, and your course of study. Please also indicate if you are currently enrolled in school/college/university. While the YALI program values a person’s education, there is no minimum level of education or minimum grade required for participation in the program. remember that your level education will help us determine your essays and what you are writing, you’ll see a masters graduate writing an essay as a first-year college student and that plays in the application review, write the truth about you.

English language proficiency is required for participation in the YALI RLC Program. All activities will be conducted in English, including academic sessions, discussions, meetings, cultural activities, and social interactions. Please fill in the chart evaluating your English language skills (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) as accurately as possible and also tell us what other languages you speak.


Please tell us about your professional experience. This can include formal or informal employment, self-employment, or other forms of engagement with organizations. It is not mandatory that you are or have ever been employed, but we want to know as much about you as possible.

List up to 3 positions you have held, starting with the most current.

1. Organization/Company Name: What is or was the name of the organization or company you worked for?

2. Was this self employment? Yes or No

3. Position/Job Title: What was your position or job title you held?

4. When were you in that position, from which month and year to when? If you are still in this position, select

5. “Current”, otherwise, select the month and year when you terminated.

6. Key Responsibilities and Achievements: Lastly, tell us a little about what your responsibilities and achievements were in that position. Please be brief and note that the word limit is 100 words.

Repeat this process for up to two (2) additional positions you held.

Program Track
There are three tracks to choose from: Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic Leadership, and Public Management. Participants may only participate in ONE of the tracks which align most closely with their current and/or future career or vocational achievements and/or aspirations. Read the descriptions of each track carefully before making your selection.
Please note that applicants from Eritrea can only join either the Business & Entrepreneurship Track or the Civil Leadership Track. Applicants from Sudan can only join the Civic Leadership Track

Business & Entrepreneurship: This track caters to the range of emerging or aspiring entrepreneurs who hope to take on leadership roles within the private sector or build their own business ventures on the continent. It will expose participants to business and entrepreneurial approaches, including those that are employed to address social issues. It will also build technical and leadership capacity in areas such as strategy, operations, supply chain management, business ethics, social entrepreneurship, microfinance, organizational development and management, marketing, innovation and technology, emerging markets and risk analysis, strategic business planning, and corporate social responsibility.

Civic Leadership: This track is oriented to those who are or aspire to be civically engaged and serving the public through non-governmental organizations, community based organizations, or volunteerism. It will expose participants to the meaning of civic leadership while building technical and leadership capacity in areas such as citizenship, community building, economic development, grassroots activism, political organizing and leadership, and volunteerism. Sub-themes such as organizational management, strategic planning, fundraising, community relations and outreach, advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, media, and coalition-building may also be explored depending on the needs and desires of the participants.
Public Management: This track is tailored to those who work or aspire to work in any level of government (including elected positions), regional organizations such as the African Union or the East Africa Community, international organizations such as the United Nations, or other publicly-minded organizations or think tanks. It will expose participants to public management models and best practices, while building technical and leadership capacity in areas such as transparency, procurement, public financial management, government tender processes, legislative/executive collaboration, citizen engagement and outreach, human resource management, program implementation, and policy formulation.

Cohort Selection

Applicants are asked to indicate their top three preferred Cohort dates for which they shall be considered. Please note that applications are due approximately six (6) weeks ahead of your earliest preferred cohort. The deadline for applications for a particular cohort will be indicated next to the cohort dates.



This section of the application is the most crucial. they don’t really care much about what you have said up there, this is the real deal to get you into the program. Your responses to these five questions will help the selection committee identify your current and potential leadership traits as well as understand your desire to participate in the program. Your responses are therefore critical in distinguishing yourself from other candidates. Please note that each response has a specified word limit. Use your own words. Do not plagiarize your answers.

Plagiarism is a type of deception in which a person presents another person’s writing, ideas or materials as their own without crediting the source. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden at the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa, and those who plagiarize their application materials will be disqualified. Please note that the staff and selection committee for the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa will be checking all applications for plagiarism. Applicants who are found to have submitted answers that are not their own will be automatically disqualified. For more information, visit this: .

meaning that either copying someones else previous application will make you out.

Easy questions change from time to time but here are some question you may encounter

Question 1:

Please tell us more about yourself for us to know you better. (250 Word Limit)

Question 2:

Give us an example within your community or organization of where you demonstrated your leadership abilities or skills. What challenges did you face? (250 Word Limit)

Question 3:

Tell us about an innovative solution you have implemented to address a challenge in your community/organization specific to your track. Please address the challenge, its effects and your solution. (250 Word Limit)

Question 4:

Commitment to transform your community, your country and the continent is very important to the Center. As a graduate of the program, how will you fulfill this commitment? (250 Word Limit)


Responses to these questions are voluntary. You are NOT REQUIRED to respond to these questions. No selections will be made based on this information. There will be no impact on your application if you choose not to answer any of these questions. Your responses will not be shown to the panel rating the applications or to anyone else who can affect your admissions decision. This information is used to better understand the people we are reaching and will help us better aim for maximum diversity. The aggregate information collected through this form will be kept private and confidential.

1. Marital Status – If you so choose to disclose this information, please indicate your marital status i.e. whether you are married or single. The YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa does not discriminate on the basis of marital status.

2. Religious Affiliation – If you so choose to disclose this information, please indicate your religious affiliation, if any. You may choose from one of the major religions in the world on the list, or write in any other religion that you adhere to. The YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa does not discriminate on the basis of religious affiliation.

3. Disability – If you have a disability, please indicate here. If you select “Yes”, you will be asked additional information that may be helpful for the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa to accommodate any special needs you may have. The YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa does not discriminate on the basis of disability.

4. Other Leadership Courses – Please indicate if you previously participated in a leadership course or training.

5. Mandela Washington Fellowship – Have you previously applied to be a YALI Mandela Washington Fellow, and if so, did you participate in the program?

6. YALI Network – Are you a member of the YALI Network, and if so, have you taken online courses through the network? If not, would you be interested in joining the network?

7. How did you learn about the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa? – Please indicate all the channels of communication from which you learned about the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa.


This is the final step of your application. Before you can submit, you must read and accept the following two statements:

Certification In order to participate in the YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Center program, I understand that I must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for admission to the program, that I must meet the qualifications standards for the specific track that I have chosen, that I must be a citizen and resident of one of the designated countries served by the YALI East Africa Regional Leadership Center, and that my admission to the program is subject to the determination by the admissions team. I have read, understand, and will comply with the terms and conditions of the program. I hereby certify that I have completed this application fully and accurately to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification, omission, or concealment of material fact may subject me to disqualification.


I hereby acknowledge that if accepted as a participant in the YALI Regional Leadership East Africa program, I confirm that I will abide by the time commitment as outlined in the full 12-week program.
Once you have read and checked both statements indicating your agreement, and have completed the other six (6) steps of the application, you can click the “Submit” button.
If you have not answered any required questions, those questions will be indicated and you will have the opportunity to complete those questions. An email reminder may be sent to applicants who have started but not yet completed an application before the deadline expires.
Please be sure to review your responses for comprehensiveness, accuracy, spelling, grammar and clarity, Once you have submitted your application, you will not be able to make any additional changes to it.
Please note that applications that have been started but not officially submitted by the deadline will not be considered. You may, however, choose to apply for a later cohort.
All applicants will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application and information about when/how candidates will be notified.
This how YALI application looks like, sit down, write down your answers before, read, read, read and read again before you submit, talk to an Alumni to review your answers and he will guide you, not apply for you.


I applied 2 times before being accepted into the Progam, do not be discouraged if you are not selected, I know of people who were selected on their 5th to 17th attempts, what I can say is, NEVER STOP PURSUING

Good luck to you and thank you for your interest in the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa


join the WhatsApp group and ask your questions.


The Democratic of Congo is facing political crises of election,

The biggest challenge that remains is; Will Kabila organize election coming December 2017?

Well, these are my insights on the political situation in DRC.
1. The African Union organized a political dialogue centered by Edem Kojo on the 18th October 2016, where Both Majority and opposition, excluding UDPS, G7, and others came to a conclusion, a conclusion that states that the current Prime minister Matata Ponyo should resign and gave space to an opposition candidates whose primary mission will be to conduct general election In 2018.

Later On, Kabila nominated Sammy Badibanga an UDPS elected Mp who took part in the dialogue.

These, Later on, opposition members who did not take part in the dialogue started massive movement in the country and outside, complaining that the dialogue was not inclusive, hence the second dialogue

2. On the 31st December, at around 9 pm in the night oppositions and majority leaders who took part in the dialogue lead by CENCO (Catholic leaders) come up with a new political agreement, which states that election should be organized in December 2017, the prime minister should come from the political group called rassemblement among many agreements.

Rusaka insights

1. it’s been now close to 3 months, none of even one application has been applied
2. Badibanga who was supposed to resign has not yet
3. The new Prime minister has not yet been announced
4. Election seems to be impossible coming 2017

Now what has been the need of these two dialogues while people are suffering back in the country?, I tend to ignore resources that have been used in the two dialogue, which could be used to finance the election.

rdccongo1Political will is one of the biggest problems that is slowing our economy and development, from the Word Go, President Kabila did not show any will to step down power.
In 2011 while in Uvira campaigning he said, he will restore the sugar cane company in Kiliba, which he has failed in fact it’s now shut down, he said he will build the Bukavu-Uvira Road but up to now, nothing has been seen, 5 years later, is its lack of funds or just political will? , well if you understand Swahili watch the full fake promises he gave to us ”… ” to me I just see it as he is trying to stay into power to protect his life and his goods, yet we the Congolese people can protect his life if he agrees to step down, and we can ensure he is safe and secure.
Far to that, From the word Go, I said that the CENCO dialogue is a total distraction and nothing will come from it, just finishing our resource in vain, now CENCO which promise a short dialogue period it has taken up to close to 3 months.

Well, I see that CENCO is trying to help president Kabila to stay in power peacefully, with no problems, that’s my own view.

Now I think it’s time for the Congolese people to stand and take action and liberate the country from bad leaders we have.

We have had enough dialogue from Sun City to CENCO, Enough is Enough.

I hardly ask Kabila to gently accept that there’s a future life after the presidency, and if he does so, No Congolese people will harm him and his family but if he tries to resist He knows what will happen to him, Egypt, Burkina Faso did it, and nothing can stop Congo to do it.

To the Congolese people, it’s no longer time to listen to them, both majority and opposition, they are discussing for their own goods, not for the good of the country,

It’s time to listen to our hearts and save the Nation

Emmanuel Rusaka
DRC Youth
Interested in Politics


It’s a great opportunity for me to write to you about my YALI experience in Nairobi, and what you should expect before and after applying if successful.

if you have read About me you will realize that being from DRC, and I was just like you searching for help on how I can be able to apply to a cohort in the YALI program.

worry not again I will give you a skeleton of what yali is all About.

what is YALI

According to the YALI website ” The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. The need to invest in grooming strong, results-oriented leaders comes out of the statistics: nearly 1 in 3 Africans are between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 60% of Africa’s total population is below the age of 35.

it organizes 4 major track that is:

    business and entrepreneurship
    civic leadership
    public management

for your own interest, you will need to select one of the 4 tracks. YALI learning takes a period of 12 weeks total, 4 weeks in campus and 8 weeks for virtual learning.


Via their social media accounts and website, YALI provides the dates of application and deadlines for those applications, keep an eye daily on their accounts twitter YALI REGIONAL LEADERSHIP CENTER and Facebook page YALI FACEBOOK.

complete an online application and go and forget, I don’t say to forget that you applied but relax and wait for their response. when I applied in MARCH 2016 I received feedback in AUGUST few weeks to the actual event.

here are some of the question you expect to fill as essays in your application.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements

Personal Statements

1. Please tell us more about yourself for us to know you better. (250-word limit)
2. What do you consider your most significant leadership role to date? How does this accomplishment demonstrate
leadership characteristics? What impact did you have on the community/organization? (250-word limit)
3. Please provide the name of a person who could verify your accomplishment:
4. Describe one specific challenge in your community or country. Then discuss how you are addressing this challenge by
sharing what you (as an individual) are currently doing and your desired impact. (250-word limit)
5. Why are you applying to the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa program? How will you implement what
you have learned in the YALI program after completion? (250-word limit)

If you see closely its only 250 words, think critically on what you can write, do not write too many things that are obvious. better write 150 catchy words that can convince the admissions office than writing 500 words that do not have any sense.

In your response be honest, and clear that will give you a plus and added an advantage, look at a sample of my answer written answering question 4.

” My country is facing a challenge of organizing Presidential Election in 2016, Currently, I am doing
nothing to help my country go out of this tragedy
that may slow down our economy if it fails, but we are
doing public awareness of youth through social media platforms like facebook, twitter, by sharing what
we as youths need to do to save our country from any tragedy that may occur, in our group we discuss
about our constitution, what does it says of election and make the Congolese group aware, so the desire to
fight for our country be in us; Hence, we develop the spirit of “AMOUR DE PATRIE” love of the
a country in them. in anyhow as youths and the population of the country can defend our own constitution
and rights. my desired impact is to see a peaceful, fair election coming November in DRC. where the
DRC will have a new president.”

try to be unique and realistic on your contribution don’t speak stuff for the sake of speaking but what you have actually done.

Be open-minded while answering the question

what next after application

After your application, seat down and continue your normal work, normal activities but remember to check your email at least twice a week. YALI admission will communicate with you via email and not phone not unless selected you can have a Skype call or normal phone call. on special cases, they can call you during your application process.


You might be selected or rejected based on your application details, and this information will be communicated to you once the decision has been made.

Rejected candidate, do not feel bad, me personally I was rejected at first then reapply, and was selected, they are always best CVs and best application than yours keep that in mind, Only the best 90s are selected.
check the website gradually and apply for next cohorts and you could be the NLG (Next Lucky Guy).

After being selected you will receive a scheduled interview for you. the interview is mostly a phone call or Skype call. so do not feel worried of you coming with a gray suit in an interview, background of the company, etc, be content because you can even do that interview in your bathroom, swimming pool, etc but remember that you are a leader , though its not physically but be ready, relaxed, compose yourself and at least 15 min before the interview time prepare yourself.

the interview normally takes 8-15 min, mine took 7 min, hahaha yeah! how?

1. Well do not over speak,
2. Answer the question as its asked,
3. Do not go round the bush,
4. Be ready,
5. take a second to think on the answer,
6. Give the interviewer time to finish his question
7. Ask 1 or 2 question that you feel relevant

After the interview seat down an relax, go back to your normal activities but check regularly your email as you may be asked to send a document tomorrow at 10 am GMT if you did not you just gave your chance to someone else and you just lost it! check your email often , check your email often , check your email often

After the interview you can be selected or not, the decision will be notified to you via email, if not selected most likely you will be on the waiting list, and keep an eye on your email, because the admission could consider you and your documents need to be sent as early as possible.

if you would like to know more of the YALI 3 weeks feel free to write to me via my details here Contacts if you need my phone number, drop me an email.

i will be sharing with you the experience from day 1 to the end.

wish you success as you are applying to YALI and be ready to learn..

wow, expect surprises from the YALI team, all catered for, from FLIGHT(To and from you country) to Washrooms. i will be sharing more surprise soon!

Enjoy !


NB: The post requires to be edited not the final copy!

DRC YET TO DECIDES 2016? Democracy Trail

As the Democratic Republic of Congo is yet to decide coming November 2016, the opposition leaders including Vita Kamerhe(President of UNC), Moise Katumbi(Nominated Presidential candidate by the G7 opposition party), Martin Fayulu, Etienne Tshisekedi(UDPS Chairman) and many others, let us look at what the country is going through as I call it ” Democracy in trail “.

Over the past 2 years, the Opposition has gone through several peaceful demonstrations in and out Kinshasa lead by opposition leaders including Vital Kamerhe to fight against any violation of the constitution of its art 220 that says: “…The number and length of the terms of office of the president of the republic, the independence of the judicial power, the pluralism of political party and trade unions may not form the object of A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT

touche-pas-a-ma-constitutiontrouvc3a9aucongob-mcroc “DO NOT TOUCH MY CONSTITUTION ”

Early January 2015 the push by the opposition to stop any kind of amendment was a success not only to the opposition but to the entire nation who wishes to see a new head of state in the state house.

Not that Moise Katumbi who is now nominated a candidate to contest for the G7, Front Citoyen Ticket was a trusted man in the majority Familly.

The country has been eagerly waiting for the National Electoral Commission to publish the Election calendar, in which they have demanded an extra time for planning reason being of lack of resources to organize the election in due time.

Is it really lack of resource or lack of will?, it’s impossible a country like DRC to lack resource for them to organize elections in due time after them having organized the same 2 times(2006 and 2011), it may be failure of proper planning by the government from the word go, were they trying to find ways so they can remain in power after??? what art 220 of the constitution says.? no one ones. but for sure the population will not allow such kind of thing to happen, as the opposition leaders of various platforms are calling their supporters to be very keen and reminding them that the power they have belongs in our hands, and its for us to defend it or to lose it.

After several months of protest



where is the solidarity?

According to my Miriam Webster dictionary, solidarity is defined as a feeling of unity between people who have the same interests, goals, objectives, standards etc.

common interest, objectives, and standards, but my question is:  where are those common factors among our nations?Africa-Africa, America-Africa, Europe-Africa, Africa-Asia, Europe-America? and so on…

one of a BBC reporter once said that that “Kenyan is a hotbed of a terror attack”, “indeed it was in the recent years”, how many death and burial has Kenyan gone through as a nation? the most recent that killed over 147 comrades in Garissa. Kenya received messages of condolences from friends nations and neighboring countries.that was good,..

in the year 2013 Kenya faced another attack that killed more than 67 people including kids and a pregnant woman at the wastegate attack, the Kenyan government received condolences messages. that was good,..

in my beloved country D.R.C according to the “enough website =” project to end genocide and crime against humanity over 5.4 million dead in the last decade; to my little math, statistically  360,000  death per year in 15 years, over 900 deaths daily in that period of 15 years.

in Nigeria, Syria, just to name a few people are dying due to the terror attack, and no seems to care; a day after the stories ends.

am not attacking anyone or any nation neither any company but I would like some clear explanation, on why, when it comes to African nations in pain there’s limited solidarity between our nations, going back to Kenya both Garissa and wastegate attack, I didn’t witness  any worldwide leaders  gathering in Nairobi to mourn with leaders of Nairobi.

in Congo when innocent villagers died in Mutarule massacre, none of the leaders sent even a condolences message to the government of Congo,.

According to a report by Africa news  A total of 38 people were killed on the night of June 7 in Mutarule locality, South Kivu province, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), an official source has confirmed. Fifteen people were burnt to death in a fire that was started by unknown assailants in a church. just to mention that.


francehere is my concern of this article, why Facebook did not use the Kenyan flag to show solidarity with the Kenyan people in the attacks that faced the country?, why did Facebook not use the DRC flag to show solidarity with over 5 million deaths?, why did Facebook did not use the Nigerian flag to show solidarity with that nation? And why has it used the French flag to show solidarity? I may be ignorant to the matter that’s why am asking this.

I loved the way that the entire world shows solidarity with hashtags(#bringBackOurGirsl, #prayForKenya, #PrayForParis, #JeSuisCharlie,etc) its a sign of solidarity and let us dwell in that as human beings.

Why is it when it comes to powerful countries, such as America, France, etc are under pain everyone seems to be a deep concern?, when Charlie was attacked worldwide leaders traveled to France to sympathize with Paris, when it comes to African countries telegram are sent into their offices.

its time as young youth thinks on the matter before its late, the small things we see can transform our lives or make them worse in our nations

My deepest condolences to families loved ones of all those who lost their members in Paris attack, and my prayers go with the nation of France. Not forgetting my brothers and sister died in Asia, America and my mother Land Africa.

peace in Africa,

Peace in America,

peace in Asia,

peace in Europe,

peace in Australia.