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Emmanuel Rusaka is a young African from D.R.C,  passionate about his country, a graduate of Africa Nazarene University, and 2017 in Business and Information Technology.

Rusaka studied his primary school at EP Imani Panzi, DRC Bukavu, where he finished primary school with 87% in 2007, then progressed to high school at Institut Avenir for 6 years.

In his 3rd form, he pursued Business Administration and finished high school in July 2013 with a Diplôme d’État “Secondary school diploma in Business Administration.”

Throughout his secondary school, Rusaka was passionate about helping his classmate and schoolmate achieving their plans and vision, engaging them in productive and useful talks, and he later became “minister of culture” alongside Iragi Bachirheba as his Head(boss)”doyen de l’ecole” in the 2012-2013 year.

Rusaka progressed to Nairobi, where he earned a Bachelor in Business and Information Technology, majoring in Networking.

Throughout campus, Rusaka joined several product groups and clubs, among them the drama club, sing Africa, International Student Association, ect..World life etc.

In October 2014, in his second year of studies, Rusaka contested for the University 3rd top job, the student council organizing secretary. He won with more than 200 votes and served as the bridge of students to the university management.

Moreover, Rusaka continued serving students in his capacity as former student council Secretary, helping several clubs conducting clubs election, debates, participating in community outreach, etc.

Emmanuel is currently the founder and Manager of CounterFighters click here for more CounterFighters; a healthcare company aimed to check counterfeit medication in the Congo.

Rusaka has undertaken leadership training with the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) doing the Civic Leadership Track.

Rusaka is passionate about healthcare IT and Civic & servant leadership.


4 thoughts on “About Me


    Dear Rusaka, really I am proud to read your bio and I could say that it is perfect. The other thing which overwhelmed me is “rusaka continued helping other groups” it inspireted me as a next young africa leader. may God bless you, and I encourage you to continue reaching your vision


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  2. hi, i have seen all these facts, and me also affected by washington Dc but they told me to get in contact with you i want to be trained on entrepreneurship,andmanagement,even on human right,civic and social oganisations of non governement,try to come with more orientations…


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