The Democratic of Congo is facing political crises of election,

The biggest challenge that remains is; Will Kabila organize election coming December 2017?

Well, these are my insights on the political situation in DRC.
1. The African Union organized a political dialogue centered by Edem Kojo on the 18th October 2016, where Both Majority and opposition, excluding UDPS, G7, and others came to a conclusion, a conclusion that states that the current Prime minister Matata Ponyo should resign and gave space to an opposition candidates whose primary mission will be to conduct general election In 2018.

Later On, Kabila nominated Sammy Badibanga an UDPS elected Mp who took part in the dialogue.

These, Later on, opposition members who did not take part in the dialogue started massive movement in the country and outside, complaining that the dialogue was not inclusive, hence the second dialogue

2. On the 31st December, at around 9 pm in the night oppositions and majority leaders who took part in the dialogue lead by CENCO (Catholic leaders) come up with a new political agreement, which states that election should be organized in December 2017, the prime minister should come from the political group called rassemblement among many agreements.

Rusaka insights

1. it’s been now close to 3 months, none of even one application has been applied
2. Badibanga who was supposed to resign has not yet
3. The new Prime minister has not yet been announced
4. Election seems to be impossible coming 2017

Now what has been the need of these two dialogues while people are suffering back in the country?, I tend to ignore resources that have been used in the two dialogue, which could be used to finance the election.

rdccongo1Political will is one of the biggest problems that is slowing our economy and development, from the Word Go, President Kabila did not show any will to step down power.
In 2011 while in Uvira campaigning he said, he will restore the sugar cane company in Kiliba, which he has failed in fact it’s now shut down, he said he will build the Bukavu-Uvira Road but up to now, nothing has been seen, 5 years later, is its lack of funds or just political will? , well if you understand Swahili watch the full fake promises he gave to us ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkp… ” to me I just see it as he is trying to stay into power to protect his life and his goods, yet we the Congolese people can protect his life if he agrees to step down, and we can ensure he is safe and secure.
Far to that, From the word Go, I said that the CENCO dialogue is a total distraction and nothing will come from it, just finishing our resource in vain, now CENCO which promise a short dialogue period it has taken up to close to 3 months.

Well, I see that CENCO is trying to help president Kabila to stay in power peacefully, with no problems, that’s my own view.

Now I think it’s time for the Congolese people to stand and take action and liberate the country from bad leaders we have.

We have had enough dialogue from Sun City to CENCO, Enough is Enough.

I hardly ask Kabila to gently accept that there’s a future life after the presidency, and if he does so, No Congolese people will harm him and his family but if he tries to resist He knows what will happen to him, Egypt, Burkina Faso did it, and nothing can stop Congo to do it.

To the Congolese people, it’s no longer time to listen to them, both majority and opposition, they are discussing for their own goods, not for the good of the country,

It’s time to listen to our hearts and save the Nation

Emmanuel Rusaka
DRC Youth
Interested in Politics

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