DRC YET TO DECIDES 2016? Democracy Trail

As the Democratic Republic of Congo is yet to decide coming November 2016, the opposition leaders including Vita Kamerhe(President of UNC), Moise Katumbi(Nominated Presidential candidate by the G7 opposition party), Martin Fayulu, Etienne Tshisekedi(UDPS Chairman) and many others, let us look at what the country is going through as I call it ” Democracy in trail “.

Over the past 2 years, the Opposition has gone through several peaceful demonstrations in and out Kinshasa lead by opposition leaders including Vital Kamerhe to fight against any violation of the constitution of its art 220 that says: “…The number and length of the terms of office of the president of the republic, the independence of the judicial power, the pluralism of political party and trade unions may not form the object of A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT

touche-pas-a-ma-constitutiontrouvc3a9aucongob-mcroc “DO NOT TOUCH MY CONSTITUTION ”

Early January 2015 the push by the opposition to stop any kind of amendment was a success not only to the opposition but to the entire nation who wishes to see a new head of state in the state house.

Not that Moise Katumbi who is now nominated a candidate to contest for the G7, Front Citoyen Ticket was a trusted man in the majority Familly.

The country has been eagerly waiting for the National Electoral Commission to publish the Election calendar, in which they have demanded an extra time for planning reason being of lack of resources to organize the election in due time.

Is it really lack of resource or lack of will?, it’s impossible a country like DRC to lack resource for them to organize elections in due time after them having organized the same 2 times(2006 and 2011), it may be failure of proper planning by the government from the word go, were they trying to find ways so they can remain in power after??? what art 220 of the constitution says.? no one ones. but for sure the population will not allow such kind of thing to happen, as the opposition leaders of various platforms are calling their supporters to be very keen and reminding them that the power they have belongs in our hands, and its for us to defend it or to lose it.

After several months of protest



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